Concrete where you need it, when you need it.

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Spot-on concrete for your home or DIY project

At Concrete Pumping Services UK, we provide a range of concrete line and boom pumping services for home & DIY projects. Our ready-mixed concrete and pump hire can meet your needs throughout the UK. With a fleet of concrete pump trucks, you can be sure our prices are always affordable.

our boom pumping allows access to any site no matter the obstacles, we can pump concrete anywhere
extra long boom pumps for hire give access to pump concrete to high floors


UK-wide concrete pumping services available for small and large commercial projects

Whatever the project - big or small! Our team can deliver quality concrete when and where it's needed. Our Z-folding boom poles give us the mobility to manoeuvre our ready-mixed concrete around any site obstacles and help you keep on track. Get a quote or book us now!

Explore Our Process

We're here to work with you every step of the way.

Step One

Outlining Your Project
our team are trained to leave your site with perfect concrete

We explore your project specifications (budget, time, etc.) and how you imagine the outcome. We will assist and give advice based on our previous experiences. From there we will have a detailed plan of how to proceed.

Get a free quote by our friendly team today, just give us a call! We take on small jobs like concrete resurfacing, right up to large jobs like setting foundations and more.

Step Two

Preparing The Base
we offer specially mixed concrete that's perfect for any application.

We begin laying down the structure and reinforcement. For most projects, this includes a barrier surrounding the area and a reinforcing mesh grid/steel bars.

Step Three

Types Of Lay
we also offer line pumped concrete

We offer Laser Screeding, Rail Screeding or the traditional Hand Laying. This is the step where it really starts becoming a reality and you can see your idea coming to life. Continue reading here.

Step Four

The Finished Look
we offer a wide range of concrete lay

How do you want your concrete looking? Shiny and polished or textured? A textured finish will help with grip whereas a polished finish gives it an even harder wearing finish. Continue reading here.

We have a wide range of equipment sizes to suit any project.

Our pumping equipment ranges from 20 to 200 meters in lengths enabling us to cater for all concrete projects.

If you are doing a small DIY project or a large scale commercial project, our pumps will cut the cost and time as well as enhancing ease and efficiency, choose a professional concrete contractor to do the job right.